Cirque of the Unclimbables        Long: 127.36 Lat: 62.08

Where are we located?

Kluane Airways Ltd. bases it's operations out of Inconnu Lodge, 180 air miles east of Whitehorse and 120 air miles north of Watson Lake, in Canada's Yukon Territory. We also have a fuel base and storage area at Finlayson Lake, 150 road miles north of Watson Lake on the Robert Campbell Highway.

Why choose Kluane Airways Ltd?

Kluane Airways Ltd with it’s unique location is able to offer the lowest pricing and logistics for trips into the Cirque of the Unclimbables and the Vampire Peaks in the NWT. Our tie in with Inconnu Lodge, a world class fishing and recreational resort in Canada’s Yukon Territory and Inconnu being only 87 miles from the Cirque and the Vampires, offer our clients a superb base to fly out of.

Inconnu Lodge is located 15 air miles east of Finlayson Lake, right on the flight path to Glacier Lake, the drop of location for the Cirque of the Unclimbables and the Vampire Peaks.

The new trail from Glacier Lake to Ferry Meadows is complete.   The new trail has dramatically decreased the time it takes to reach Ferry Meadows and it is also a safer, easier trail.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Kluane Airways Ltd does not just offer a flying service to the Cirque and the Vampires, we offer a full range of services. Hotels in Whitehorse can be booked via our office. If clients lose gear in route we can supply a good deal of climbing equipment, camp stoves, camp stove fuels, tents, foam mattresses and food.

On the way out of the Cirque or the Vampires, we usually overnight all our clients at Inconnu Lodge. This gives climbers a chance to shower up, wash their cloths, have a good meal and a beer or two or maybe soak in our hot tub or sauna for a while. The following morning we return to Finlayson Lake to your vehicle or to our shuttle for the trip back to Whitehorse. Accommodations and meals at Inconnu Lodge are complimentary of Kluane Airways Ltd.


One of our past climbing clients, Mark Smiley climbed in the Cirque and has put together an in depth overview of the Cirque and what to expect once your there.  Click on the PDF link below to check out his report, it is jam packed with great information.  Also check out Marks awesome You Tube video of his climb. 

Cirque of the Unclimbables - Information  

Cirque of the Unclimbables - You Tube


How do you get to our base?

Renting a car:       Most clients will find it is far easier to fly into Whitehorse then rent a car or hire a van out to Finlayson Lake. Others may wish to drive their own vehicle directly to our Finlayson Lake base. From Finlayson Lake we would fly directly to the Cirque or move climbers into Inconnu Lodge and wait for an available aircraft or for the weather. 

Driving your own car:     To drive to Finlayson Lake, drive north from Whitehorse to Carmacks 100 miles then turn east towards Faro, 125 miles, then south towards Ross River and on to Finlayson Lake 105 miles.  We are located at the south end of Finlayson Lake.  Turn left off the Robert Campbell Highway as you descend a large hill.    If driving through Watson Lake, drive north towards Finlayson Lake.  It is roughly three hours from Watson Lake to Finlayson Lake.

                             Road map from Whitehorse, YT to Finlayson Lake, YT

Flying into our airstrip:     Inconnu Lodge has a 3000 ft airstrip so clients can charter an aircraft and fly right into McEvoy Lake, Inconnu Lodge's base of operations.  Prices for chartered aircraft can be found in better detail below. 

Getting to the Cirque:

  1. Float plane into Glacier Lake, then a 2 1/2 - 5 hour hike into the Cirque, depending on your load and ability.
  2. Helicopter direct to the Cirque - More expensive.
  3. Float plane and helicopter. 2 climbers fly directly into the Cirque via helicopter, then we shuttle via helicopter the remaining 2 - 4 climbers who have arrived Glacier Lake via float plane. This is still quite expensive.

If you plan to climb Proboscis, you will have to helicopter in. It is possible to climb over the ridge from Ferry Meadows, but one would not want to be moving much gear. It is quite steep and the rocks are very loose and unstable. Clients flying into Whitehorse would have to arrive the day prior to departure to Inconnu Lodge.

If you plan to fly into Whitehorse, you would use Air Canada from Vancouver or Air North from Juneau or Fairbanks Alaska and now Vancouver, British Columbia or Calgary, Alberta, Or West Jet out of Vancouver or Calgary Alberta.

Whitehorse has a number of good stores to shop for food and supplies. It also has an outdoor store that carries a  pretty good selection of climbing gear.


Kluane Airways Ltd / Inconnu Lodge now supplies at no cost to climbers, a satellite phone that we locate at the Cirque. You can phone our base anytime to change your pick up flight or give us a call in case of an emergency. We are using the Iridium system.

If you are planning a trip into the Vampires, you may rent a phone from us or bring your own. Note: We will not leave you in the Vampires without communication. The daily rental fee is $25.00 CDN.  A $2.00 per minute charge applies to all use.  This system works very well and should only be used in case of an emergency or a change with your pick up time.  Please contact our office for specific details.

Cirque of the Unclimbables 2015 PRICES and Park Reservations

Whitehorse Pick - up

Clients would arrive Whitehorse the day prior to departure to Inconnu Lodge. There are two ways to get to the lodge, drive out in a rented vehicle or charter an aircraft and fly out to our strip. Driving takes six to seven hours and flying takes 1.2 hours.

Rented Car.  

Quite a number of clients the last couple of years have rented their own vehicle in Whitehorse and drove themselves to Finlayson Lake. This allowed them to depart on pretty much any day. They left the vehicle at our base while they were in the Cirque.  Norcan, Rent-A-Wreck or Budget Rentals in Whitehorse.  They all offer a weekly rate for an SUV or Mini-Van of aprox. $900.00 to $1,400.00 CDN per week plus tax and this includes 1400 km per week which is ample mileage to get you out to Finlayson Lake and back to Whitehorse.  Phone Budget at 1-867-667-2732 or email at, Driving Force at (867) 456-2277 or Wrent a Wreck at 867-456-7368.   Please contact them for exact prices.

Their web links are below.

For a sample Budget Car Rental 14 day rate, please click here.    

Reserve your vehicle well in advance

If you rent a car, be sure you get a full size spare tire, not the skinny space saver tire that normally comes with it.  The spare should be the same size as the rest of the tires.


Nahanni National Park Reservations contact information: 

PLEASE NOTE: You must pre register before going into the Cirque of the Unclimbables as it is now part of the Nahanni National Park.

Reservations are required for the Cirque of the Unclimbables.   Please see the link below. 

If you have any questions, please contact Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada at the addresses and numbers below. 

Web site:   National Parks Canada    Reservation Form


Phone:       1-867-695-3151

Fax:            1-867-695-2446        

Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada

10002  100 St

PO Box 348

Ft Simpson, NWT

Canada X0E 0N0


Charter Flight

For those wanting quicker travel, you can charter an aircraft directly into our airstrip at Inconnu Lodge. If there are only two persons you would use a Cessna 172 at a roundtrip cost of $ 2,500.00 CDN plus 5% tax.  For groups of three persons you would use a Cessna 206 at a roundtrip cost of approximately $ 3,600.00 CDN plus 5% tax. On groups of 4 or 5 persons we would use a Piper Navajo at a roundtrip cost of approximately $ 5,100.00 CDN plus 5% tax. Our office can arrange flights for you.

Drive right to our Finlayson Lake Float Base and save $$$

For those wishing to drive to the Yukon, you can drive right to our Finlayson Lake float base and save the costs of the Whitehorse pickup or drive. Our base is 150 miles north of Watson Lake and on the Robert Campbell Highway. This is a very good gravel road and may be driven easily with any car or truck. At Finlayson Lake we have a very secure storage area where clients can store their vehicles.

What happens in the case of poor weather?

Once at our Finlayson Lake base, if we have poor weather and are not able to fly into the Cirque, we would overnight clients at our Finlayson Lake cabin or fly clients into Inconnu Lodge to overnight. This gives everyone a place to hang out until things clear up. Meals and accommodations at Inconnu Lodge are complimentary of Kluane Airways Ltd. Mind you, if you stay too long at the lodge, we will put you to work! - Check out our Inconnu Lodge Web Site, a pretty nice base to jump off from!

Start and Finish you trip via Whitehorse

In flying into Whitehorse, you would use Air Canada out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Air North out of, Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver or West Jet who just recently stated flying into the Yukon .

**Please note:  You can charter the helicopter to get you into Ferry Meadows and then charter the Floatplane for your flight back to Inconnu Lodge at the end of your climb.  This will allow you to get into the Cirque fast and not have to hike up from Glacier Lake to Ferry Meadows.   Inquire with our office for exact pricing for this combination or compute it from the examples below.  



Cirque Trips with Floatplane or Helicopter

Float Plane to Glacier Lake / Return

We use a Dehavilland Beaver for these trips and can handle up to 4 persons plus gear.


Fixed Wing costs: 4 Persons - DHC-2 Beaver / 1200 lbs max.



4 persons Whse - Finlayson Lake / Return 

Flight from Inconnu Lodge / Finlayson Lake to Glacier Lake $1,750.00 
Flight from Glacier Lake to Inconnu Lodge / Finlayson Lake $1,750.00 
Sub Total  $3,500.00 CDN 
5% GST $   175.00  
Total cost for 4 persons     $3,675.00 CDN


Cirque or Vampire Peaks with Helicopter: 2-3 Persons

Helicopter trips can handle up to three climbers and gear for a total weight of no more than 800lbs.

Sample Helicopter trips costs: 2-3 persons

Helicopter - Finlayson Lake - Ferry Meadows / Return

Helicopter into Cirque (Ferry Meadows) $2,975.00 CDN  
Helicopter out of Cirque (Ferry Meadows) $2,975.00 CDN
Sub Total  $5,950.00 CDN
5% GST $   297.50 CDN   
Total cost for 2 persons     $6,247.50 CDN


Helicopter in and DHC-2 Beaver out

This is a good option for 2 - 3 climbers.  Fly into Ferry meadows with the helicopter arriving right in Ferry Meadows.  Then at the end of your climb, hike down to Glacier Lake, 2 - 3 hrs and fly back to Finlayson Lake with the floatplane. 

Helicopter into Cirque (Ferry Meadows) $2,975.00 CDN  
Floatplane out of Glacier Lake $1750.00 CDN
Sub Total  $4,725.00 CDN
5% GST $   236.25 CDN   
Total cost for 2 persons     $4,961.25 CDN


Please Note:

At this time, mid February, we are unsure if we are going to operate a helicopter this year out of Inconnu Lodge. If we do, then the above rates will apply. If we do not and have to bring a helicopter in to do work, then the rates will be higher. Please chat with us prior to making plans on the helicopter.

What is Included:

Flight into Glacier Lake, Ferry Meadows or Vampires depending on trip reserved

Overnight stay at Inconnu Lodge at the end of trip

Meals at Inconnu Lodge at the end of trip

Overnights and meals if delayed by weather at beginning or end of your stay

Communication via Iridium Satellite phone from the Cirque of the Unclimbables to Inconnu Lodge.  (Only calls to Inconnu Lodge are possible.  This is for early or late pick ups or emergencies)


Booked groups looking to split:

1. We have no groups looking to split right now. Book with us early if you wish us to post your dates to try to get others to join your group.


Hotels in Whitehorse:

There are a number of moderately priced hotels in Whitehorse. Once you have confirmed your trip, we suggest the High Country Inn, Gold Rush Inn or Airport Chalet for hotels.


Booking your trip:

To confirm a trip with us, Phone, Fax or E-Mail us at the address listed below. We require a 25% deposit to confirm a date. We except Visa and MasterCard.  Balance is due 30 days prior to departure.


Great video's of the Cirque of the Unclimbables:

A great video by Jimmy Martinello and friends.


Great Info links to the Cirque of the Unclimbables:

Cirque Overview - George Bell

Cirque of the Unclimbables trip reports


Great links for those flying or driving:

Air Canada

Air North.  Yukon's Airline

West Jet

Official Yukon Home Page

Topo Map   #95L4 for Glacier Lake / Cirque of the Unclimbables

                    #95L3 for Britnell Creek / South Nahanni River

                     To purchase maps, contact Canada Map Service at Telephone:  1-800-661-2638 (Canada and USA)

                     or 1-819-564-4857
                     You may also go directly to
Canada Map Service

Gold Rush Inn

High Country Inn

Airport Chalet

Inconnu Lodge

Budget Car Rental  

For sample Budget Car rental rates, based on a 14 day trip, please click here.

Driving Force Vehicle Rentals

Rent A Wreck


Main Office:

Kluane Airways Ltd
Box 29008 OK Mission RPO
Kelowna, British Columbia
Canada, V1W 4A7

Phone: 250 - 860 - 4187   Fax: 250 - 860 - 8894

Summer phone number 1-867-969-2127



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